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Montreal police website back online after cyberattack

Protesters are pepper sprayed after attempting to march towards the Hubert-Aquin pavilion of UQAM in Montreal on Thursday, April 9, 2015. The group of student protesters had earlier successfully disrupted a class inside the  Judith-Jasmin building at UQAM.

The Montreal police website was down for most of the weekend and Anonymous Quebec has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack on its Twitter account.

In a profane tweet Friday evening, Anonymous Quebec said it had “turned the SPVM website into a smoking crater in cyberspace”, accusing Montreal police of abusing “citizens brutally.”

By Sunday afternoon, the website was back online.

The Twitter feed has also tweeted a published photo taken by Montreal Gazette photographer Dario Ayala earlier this week at a demonstration, which shows a police officer pepper-spraying a few protesters who have their backs turned to him.

Meanwhile, on Friday night in Montreal hundreds of protesters turned out for another night demonstration against the Quebec government’s cuts to social services.

Eighty-two people were fined — the protest deemed illegal by police five minutes after its 9 p.m. start time. No itinerary was provided to police before the start of the demonstration.

The protesters moved west, towards St-Laurent Blvd., where they walked on the street against traffic.

Police surrounded two groups of protesters — around 40 near the corner of Milton St., and another 40 near the corner of de Guilbeault St.

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