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Video testimony of Jacob Blake, probably paralyzed after police gunfire

Jacob Blake, the young black man seriously injured by a white policeman two weeks ago in Kenosha in the American state of Wisconsin, confides “to have pain 24 hours a day”, even to breathe, in a video shot from his bed in ‘hospital.

Despite his injuries, Jacob Blake, who will likely remain paralyzed from the waist down, told fans he has “a lot of expectations in life.” The 29-year-old father, hit by seven bullets fired at point blank range on August 23, warned that everyone could see their lives turned upside down in an instant.

Snapping his fingers, he said: “Your life, and not just your life, your legs which you need to move and get ahead in life, anything can be taken from you like this. ” Dressed in a hospital gown, he said he had staples on his back and stomach. “It hurts 24 hours a day, it’s just pain,” added the young man whose lower half of his body is paralyzed.

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