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Espionage : The ‘nice, ordinary’ family suspected of being Russian spies ( Podcast )

When a couple and their children moved into a sleepy suburb of Slovenia’s capital, their neighbours thought they seemed very normal. But were they really who they seemed?

Presented by Nosheen Iqbal with Shaun Walker; produced by Natalie Ktenaand Rudi Zygadlo; executive producer Phil Maynard

Five years ago, an Argentinian couple moved into a quiet suburb of Ljubljana. They had two young children and ordinary, stable jobs.

Then one day, police cars and special forces descended on their home. The couple were accused of being not Argentinian but Russian, and of living under deep cover so they could spy for their home country. And they are not the only people recently suspected of doing so.

The house in Ljubljana where the couple Ludwig Gisch and Maria Rosa Mayer Munos lived with their two children

Shaun Walker tells Nosheen Iqbal about the world of elite Russian spies known as “illegals” who spend years undercover to spy for Moscow, and how they are finally being unmasked.


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